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Zhangjiagang Linker Stainless Steel Sieve Plate Co.Ltd. has been dedicated to the wedge wire screen, johnson screen, screen plate,screen tube around the welding parts and related product development and production, the factory is located in Changyinsha Development Zone of Zhangjiagang city,and it covers an area of 20000 square meters, with a round welding workshop, sheet metal, machining, subsequent acidification treatment workshop, products from sales to Europe, the United States of America shipped here, Southeast Asia and other countries and domestic except areas outside of Tibet.

Main screen ( round filter), water cap, a sieve plate, a water inlet device, intermediate drainage device, catcher filter, filter, wedge filter column, resin injector. Ancillary products are stainless steel shaped wire, flange, fasteners, plumbing parts.

Our domestic and international industrial fluids, environmental protection, water treatment, food industry to provide quality screen, screen OEM, ODM service. Here we will provide for your company: product design, product manufacturing, product testing and packaging components, here, you can purchase to your desired stainless steel welding around the screen, sieve accessories and other related products, as the industry's largest round stainless steel welding plate and screen parts OEM, ODM service providers, every manufacturing process to gather every R&D team members and participants on the customer's trust and responsibility.